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Download fax console for windows xp free.

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Download fax console for windows xp free.

    related: GT300 marks a milestone in NVIDIA GPU architecture

From time to time NVIDIA releases products that mark the next stage in the evolution of GPU architecture. The G80 is a good example. According to a source referring to the Hardware-Infos resource, the GT300 will be a new milestone in the development of the GPU architecture. The fundamental differences of the new architecture start with support for DirectX 11, while the G80 is limited to support for DirectX 10.

The GT300 architecture will be based on a new organization of processor elements. Whereas today's NVIDIA GPUs use a single instruction multiple data (SIMD) mechanism, the GT300 will use a multiple instructions multiple data (MIMD) mechanism. It is supposed that this will greatly increase the computational efficiency of the GPU. The cluster of arithmetic-logical devices will be dynamic and combined, and the management of its elements will be assigned to the bridge switch. NVIDIA Engineers Expect to Reduce Processor Frequencies and Power Consumption While Delivering Better Performance than Current Generation GPUs.

GT300 to be associated with major CUDA update. In addition, since the new GPUs will be manufactured at 40 nm, the number of transistors in them can be significantly increased.

NVIDIA GT300 is expected to arrive in the final quarter of this year, more or less in sync with the release of Microsoft Windows 7, which will include DirectX 11.

Source: techPowerUp!

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