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Download ip scanner for windows xp free.

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Logitech Introduces New Comfort Lapdesk Laptop Stand.

A study by Logitech found that about 60% of home laptop users work while lying or sitting on the couch, not interrupting family affairs while surfing the web, e-mailing or chatting. In addition, the study showed that 36% of users work with a laptop while lying on a bed, and 16% - sitting or lying on the floor. However, almost 50% of users complain about overheating of the laptop, and 41% are concerned about their incorrect posture while working. Some people use a pillow or book as a thermal barrier, but such solutions often lead to heat accumulation, which only causes the temperature to rise.

Comfort Lapdesk differs from improvised solutions and other stands with a four-layer construction with a heat shield. Mesh fabric on the bottom layer (often used in sports equipment) and an air plenum between the base of the stand and the top of the stand ensure a minimum level of heat. In addition, the laptop does not adjoin the stand with its entire bottom plane - instead, it comes into contact with the stand in only four places, which improves air outflow.

Making the stand stable and comfortable to use the laptop, the soft base allows users to relax their legs without squeezing their knees while trying to hold the laptop. In addition, the non-slip glossy coating on the upper surface of the stand prevents the laptop from slipping. 12-degree tilt adjustment helps position the laptop at the desired height for a comfortable sitting position.

The Logitech Comfort Lapdesk is expected to go on sale in Europe in January for a suggested retail price of € 39.99.

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