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    related: Gigabyte Introduces Ultra Durable 3 Classic Technology for AMD Motherboards

GIGABYTE Technologies (Gigabyte) Unveils Ultra Durable 3 Classic Technology for AMD Platform This Month. The technology has found application in most motherboards based on AMD 790GX, 790X, 780G and 770 chipsets (Socket AM2 + platform). It uses 70 micron copper layers for the power layer and the ground layer of the motherboard. This provides a significant reduction in operating temperature, increased energy efficiency and system stability under overclocking conditions. For comparison, the thickness of each layer of a typical PCB is 35 microns.

Double the thickness of the copper layers provides more efficient cooling by quickly dissipating heat from critical areas of the motherboard, including the processor and adjacent components. In addition, twice the copper layer thickness reduces the impedance of the conductors by 50%. This means that the total energy losses are reduced by 50%, and therefore less heat is generated during operation. In addition, the proposed solution provides the required signal quality, guaranteeing stable system operation and providing additional overclocking potential.

Ultra Durable 3 Classic Series motherboards support DDR2 1200 MHz or faster and AMD 45nm socket AM3 / AM2 processors+. These boards use Japanese-made solid electrolyte capacitors. Among other features of the new products, the company refers to the use of the proprietary energy saving technology Easy Energy Saver and the DualBIOS function, built on the use of two memory chips: with the main and backup BIOS.

Source: Gigabyte

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