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    related: Ambarella A5 hybrid camera platform: photo and video in one bottle

Ambarella Announces Single-Chip Hybrid Camera Platform. The A5 platform delivers key features including 10 megapixel photography, high-definition video and dual-resolution simultaneous filming, making it easy to share content on the Web. Housed in a compact body and low power consumption, the A5's SoC is the basis for handheld devices.

The A5 family includes three products: A530, A550 and A570. Models A550 and A570 are equipped with a serial interface that supports high-speed shooting. On the basis of each of the three models, the company has prepared a reference design. The development based on the A530 is capable of capturing still images up to 10MP resolution and recording video in compressed format at 720p (60fps) and 1080p (30fps). These features are enhanced in the A550-based design with support for 1080i (60fps). The A570's reference design captures 5.3MP frames at 60 times per second, allowing you to capture 5.3MP photos (16: 9 aspect ratio) without interrupting HD video recording.

The A5 features noise reduction, space-time filtering, and motion compensation algorithms. Platform provides face detection and other capabilities to improve focusing accuracy and optimal exposure. One of the interesting features is the function of recording video simultaneously in two formats: in parallel with recording in high definition format, recording is carried out in a mobile format, well suited for sharing over the network and playing on mobile devices.

The A5 is said to pave the way for hybrid cameras to mainstream consumers - according to the developer, cameras on this platform will cost less than $ 200. Their appearance on the market is expected this year.

Source: Ambarella

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